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Abbie “the hulk” Latimer
Birthday: January 6, 1987


I’ve always played sports because it’s been fun, let’s me decompress, and I liked teammate bonding. I didn’t consider it exercise untill I got older. I exercise now for some of the same reasons; I like feeling healthy and strong, being with other people with the same goals, and how I feel about myself.

Dennis Zlosel

Birthday: January 14, 1955


I began exercise because I wanted to become stronger/more flexible.... reduce the impact of arthritis/back pain.... and so I can postpone taking diabetes and blood pressure medications.

 Matt Ward

Birthday: February 16, 1983

I began exercising because I simply did not feel healthy. I wanted to improve my health and overall fitness level.  

Travis Sand

Birthday: September 8, 1988



I had struggled with weight gain thru my college years and was generally unhealthy and unfit.  I was that “flabby” kid with a poor diet and no workout regimen who struggled with fluctuations in weight.  I also struggled with a poor body image and lack of self confidence. In 2011 I signed up for the Tough Mudder Race in KY and that’s where my journey to fitness started.  I began putting together programs, working out with my younger bother (who is big into fitness), making the gym a daily activity and started seeing results.  I began to gain muscle mass and lose fat and in the process gained a lot of self confidence and work ethic.  I went from having a chubby 170 pound body to the leaner 200 pound body I have today.  While my workouts have changed quite a bit since I first started, I still make fitness an active part of my life to this day and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Gina Dailey

Birthday: September 30, 1988


Six months after having my daughter I was in pretty rough shape.  I had a c-section and needed some motivation to start getting back into shape.   As soon as I started I was hooked. I have a crazy schedule and have been able to attend classes regularly for the last two years.  With the encouragement from Dylan and other gym members I have gone out of my comfort zone signed up for my first powerlifting meet.  Thanks Fisticuffs for creating such a positive, supportive, friendly environment and for making working out fun!

Raiden Wilkerson 

Birthday: June 24th, 1982

I started working out to feel better about myself,  boost my self esteem, and to be a healthier mother for my kids. 

Mark Wilkinson

Birthday: January 14, 1973



Like most, I began exercising because I wanted to lose weight.  While not clinically diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc., I was certainly on that path. And like most I had fits and starts at health clubs and exercise programs.  I found however that I didn't have the discipline or the knowledge to develop a meaningful workout program and stick to it.  I tried P90x, Insanity, and others and found the programs challenging but quickly bored from the lack of variability.  All of that was addressed at Fisticuffs.  There's a workout of the day that is typically cardio, powerlifting, or functional strength/movements (or a mixture of all three), so I don't have to come up with a workout plan or regiment.  And the workout hardly are repeated so it provides the variability that keeps me interested.  Being able to measure progress over the past 3.5 years against myself and others also provides great motivation.  

Shane Pearson

Birthday: October 26, 1977

I began exercising to get back into shape, feel accomplished, and extend my life.

 Jess Jeffs

Birthday: August 1, 1981


I was in the middle of a major life change when I realized I was going to need to get stronger and I wanted my son to see that exercise was an important part of getting healthy.  I started at Fisticuffs because I knew a couple people there who would hold me accountable to going but I also liked that I didn't have to think about what to do when I got there. At that time, my brain couldn't take any more decisions, so knowing that I could walk in with a workout prepared and a coach there making sure I did it correctly was a big relief.  The more I went, the more I enjoyed it.  Not only does my body feel better, but I'm surrounded by a great group of people who encourage me on the path to being stronger.  

Cheryl Lewis

Birthday: October 14, 1977

I started exercising to be healthier and to set an example for my girls.  I am stronger than I’ve ever been and love it.

Note from the editor: Read her shirt. It's incredible. 

Hector Barron

Birthday: June 20, 1983

I began exercising because I'm fat and it is time to get into shape, lol. 

 Emily Cox

Birthday: January 25th, 1978


I exercise to improve my physical health and  to be a good role model for my kids 

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