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Dylan Cornett

I am the owner and operator of Fisticuffs. I graduated Georgetown College in 2014 and opened the gym only a few weeks after graduation. Through constant development and transition, Fisticuffs has become an establishment I can honestly say that I'm proud of. I have one mission, #makegeorgetownfit. I believe in our cause and I believe in my gym. 


Robin Embry

Hi, I’m Robin Embry. I am a doctor of physical therapy with therapeutic pain specialist and strength and conditioning certifications. I graduated from U.S. Army-Baylor in 2014. I was stationed at Fort Campbell and taught many classes on injury prevention and recovery to leaders in my brigade helping to reduce the injury rate by 50%. I am a health and wellness enthusiast, a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls. We moved to the bluegrass area right after I finished my active duty time in the U.S. Army as a physical therapist. Then, I started my own mobile practice called Renew Physical Therapy to help people with chronic pain. I love this gym because it is built on effective training and mastery of fundamentals to reduce the chance of injury.

Hannah Cornett

I had been an athlete my entire life; playing soccer and basketball basically since the day I could walk. I started doing personals with Dylan Cornett in 2009 and it was love at first workout, in more ways than one (We were both quite young at the time). Dylan started Fisticuffs while I was still in school but upon graduation and spending more time around the gym, I knew that I wanted to become a coach myself.  I am a full time Jeweler at    Tiffany & Co. as well as a coach. I've always enjoyed working out with Kettlebells but have recently discovered a real enthusiasm for lifting heavy. When I'm not in the gym I love being outdoors, spending time with Bogie, The Gym Dog, and every now and then hanging out with my husband ;) 

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