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     Fisticuffs is much different than what most would consider a, "normal" gym experience. We have members from all backgrounds and walks of life, yet we all train together under the same roof in order to reach the same goal...improvement. Many times people become stagnant in their fitness journey because they stick with what they know or they simply keep repeating what they've done in the past. Our gym is based around constant variation and multiple modalities of fitness to keep members moving forward. 

     Additionally, because we offer so many variations of many different exercises, any limitation or fitness level can be accommodated. Members are instructed each day on how to manipulate or modify the daily workout in order to better suit their individual needs.

     In our minds, the most important thing is that more people are active. Because making fitness a part of our daily lives can seem daunting, we're here to ensure that not only do people have access to the best training we can give, but also find a community of people ready and willing to support one another in embracing an active life style and helping to #makegeorgetownfit.

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